Friday, November 5, 2010

Man Up, America! | The Magazine | Vanity Fair


Another elitist missing the point. All they see is the anger and disillusionment, and fail to see the cause.

People do not want government to have more power, not really. They do not want government to spend on wars with no observable point to them. And they certainly do not want to pay more in taxes of whatever kind. Bush lost the public with his spending and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while Obama has lost support among people who are genuinely afraid of his spending and the unprecedented expansion of government power.

We are not "hormonal teenagers." We are people genuinely concerned that the America we grew up in is not the one we will leave to our children. It will, in fact, be demonstrably poorer, demonstrably less free, and a very great deal less open to the dreams of our ambitious youth.

Unless we stop the madness.

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