Friday, June 22, 2007

It feels like starting over...

That's probably because it is.

There are a couple of circumstances that have served to force it along, neither of which makes me overjoyed with the universe. First is the fact that my personal circumstances are severely changed. Second, our friends at Blogger/Google have locked me out of my old blog. I have tried to rattle the appropriate cages, to no effect whatsoever. My account remains deadlocked.

And so I move on, and the Snark will not be resurrected. The times seem to call for more serious examination of everything, and however lighthearted I can feel about this and that (mostly that), there is still an air of utter seriousness that ought to be acknowledged. This is not to say that funny is done; just that there are other fish to fry these days, and funny has its place within that...not instead of that.

If you follow me.

So if you are interested in rereading the old posts, they will sit (who knows how long) at Moonbat Central untouched by human (or, at least, my) hands. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new focus, Constant Readers. I shall try to make it worth your while, all two of you.

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