Thursday, September 30, 2010

RealClearPolitics - Rallying Progressives is the Right Strategy


Dionne is cheerleading again. While the election was bound to close with Democratic panic, the difference this time around comes down to two important themes: the "progressive" leadership and bloggers will be there, as will the public employee unions and other union leadership. But that is not enough to win. Not even close. Independents are abandoning the Democrats as being too ideologically left and anti-business, and with two years of proof on both counts, they simply do not have time or the capability to re-write history. They will probably salvage the Senate, and might limit House losses. But governorships and state houses and senates are blowing up, and reapportionment is coming. This loss has catastrophic consequences for Democrats. And no amount of community organizing or cheerleading is going to change that.

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